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The end of the beginning.

I can’t believe a whole semester has already gone by.  I pulled an all-nighter finishing my Intro to Painting final that I started 3 days ago.  I’m satisfied with the result and I’m glad I didn’t half-ass the android figure.

The assignment was a still life juxtaposed against a window with something in the background.  I’m a bit disappointed on how the background turned out but unfortunately from the view I had there wasn’t much to see besides a lot of leafless trees.

I’m glad I finally took this Intro to Painting course.  I felt that I really learned a lot and I’m also glad that I overcame my hatred fear of acrylic painting.  I feel that I really improved over how I was painting just three years ago in high school.  I’m definitely looking forward to Drawing and Painting Workshop next semester.

By QueenHawkeye

Just your average high school student blogging away her life. I enjoy long walks on the beach, hating chemistry, not doing my Algebra II homework until lunch, not studying for tests, hanging out with my friends, doodling on important papers, web designing, and of course blogging.

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